Human Power is the Future Eco-Vehicle and Machine Make Everything Greener Possible
Our Revolutionary Patent Pending Eco- Vehicle and Machine Balance Our Eco-System and Life
Human Power is the Future Eco-Vehicle and Machine are Environmentally Friendly Choices
Eco-Vehicle and Machine are Powered by Linear Propelling Force with Great Efficiency
Human Power is the Future Eco-Vehicle and Machine Mean Healthy Life
Zero Emission and Better Life

Eco-Vehicle & Machine Endless Applications

Eco-Vehicle and Machine Advantages

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Eco-Vehicle Corporation was  established  based upon Patent on  2017 and has involved in the Human rectilinear-Powered Vehicle (HPV) and Machine industry since. Our business philosophy is to achieve sustainable growth to the benefit of our stakeholders and environment, and we implement the philosophy by providing a comprehensive ranges of high quality, engineered, and  zero emission human-linear-propelled vehicle and machine products and services to our customers, to communities where we operate, and to our customers around world. Our innovative patent pending single or multiple users' human rectilinear-powered vehicle and machine better utilize the human body's natural linear movement & strengths and re-open an endless applications: various unicycle, bicycles, folding bicycle, tricycle, quadra-cycle, lawn mower, various Velomobiles-Bicycle Car, front wheel drive wheelchair, rear wheel drive wheelchair, watercraft vehicles, amphibious vehicles, amphibious and submarine vehicle, land-air vehicle, and land-sea-air vehicle and machine etc. to read more click here.

All Eco-Vehicle Products are in Patent Pending Status





Eco-Vehicle Corporation  revolutionary rectilinear propelling human powered products better utilize the human power and re-open an entire range of possibilities and  endless applications: unicycle, bicycle, folding bicycle, recumbent bicycle, tandem bicycle, tricycle, quadra-cycle,  lawn mowers, wheelchairs, Velomobiles-tricycle or bicycle Car, watercraft vehicle, amphibious vehicle, amphibious and submarine vehicle, land-air vehicle, land-sea-air vehicles, and human powered machine, tools, generator and device etc. ( for Eco-Vehicle vs. Sprocket-Chain HPV, click here )
Eco-Vehicle Corporation properly engineered patent pending technology products result in not only a superior systems with minimum friction; but also maximum efficiency, mechanical advantage, energy transfer, speed, distances, abilities to access more variable terrain, and capacities to attache to any wheel and any kind of devices or tools or factories used to generate power for many activities. Click here  to read more.





Our Mission:
Innovation object and objectives: Product, process, energy source, service, support, method, and results;

Global Market: Innovative, and Satisfy needs/be competitive on the market around world;

Environmental Protection in aspect: All life-cycle of products: Reduce negative impact (optimum = zero impact), Recycle, and reuse;

All Phase life-cycle of products & projects: Full life cycle must be considered and implemented;

Business Goals: Go green or reduction negative environment impact, be sustainable and profitable, economical or ecological; and set an good example and new innovation/green standard to the industry around world.

Eco-Vehicle and Machine Advantages

Eco-Vehicle Corporation's patent pending products result in a superior Linear drive system. The outcomes perfectly match between the human natural rectilinear motions & strengths and the movement of the vehicle because our products provide superior means to integrate the human natural linear motion, strength, and energy into engineered systems to power the vehicle with minimum energy & friction loss and maximum mechanical advantage & efficiency. ( to read more click  here ). Therefore, Eco-Vehicle and Machine products provide greater energy transfer efficiency, speeds, distances, and access more variable terrain. More specifically, with same amount human power input, Eco-Vehicle and Machine might run more efficient by about 32% in utilizing human energy, travel more faster by about 32%, and reach more distance by about 32% than traditional sprocket and chain drive system.




Exclusive Products with Great Growth Potential

Eco-Vehicle Corporation has accomplished the followings and is still striving for continuous R&D projects. 

  1. USPTO provisional patent application was filed in 2015. The various embodiments were modeled by actual dimension-engineering 3D Solid models that are only one step away to get ready for manufacturing stage .
  2. A PCT patent application was filed and published with 145 Contracting Countries around the world.
  3. Trademark Application was submitted in 2016, NOA was received and SOU was submitted in 2017 .
  4. Prototype was built & please check our photo shop and YouTube video gallery pages for more details. 
  5. Worldwide National stage of patent filings will start. 
  6. China Patents was filed, and Official Notice of Decision of Grant Patent was received from CSIPO
  7. Taiwan Patent was also filed in early 2017.
  8. The Patent listing was published on Danish Patent and Trademark Office’s IP Marketplace website.
  9. Patent portfolio has formulated with more Patent Pending projects ahead.

Read more details about Eco-Vehicle Corporation's Invention Endless Applications, Please click  here

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