Eco-Vehicle Corporation was  established  based upon Patent on  2017 and has involved in the Human rectilinear-Powered Vehicle (HPV) and Machine industry since. Our business philosophy is to achieve sustainable growth to the benefit of our stakeholders and environment, and we implement the philosophy by providing a comprehensive ranges of high quality, engineered, and  zero emission human-linear-propelled vehicle and machine products and services to our customers, to communities where we operate, and to our customers around world. Our innovative patent pending single or multiple users' human rectilinear-powered vehicle and machine better utilize the human body's natural linear movement & strengths and re-open an endless applications: various unicycle, bicycles, folding bicycle, tricycle, quadra-cycle, lawn mower, various Velomobiles-Bicycle Car, front wheel drive wheelchair, rear wheel drive wheelchair, watercraft vehicles, amphibious vehicles, amphibious and submarine vehicle, land-air vehicle, and land-sea-air vehicle and machine etc. to read more click here.

All Eco-Vehicle Products are in Patent Pending Status