Estimated Delivery Time Frame

The followings are list of the current estimated delivery time frame of Eco-Vehicle and Machine Patent Pending products:

  1. Unicycle:                                                                                                                 6 to 8 months
  2. One-rider Bicycle:                                                                                                 8 to 10 months
  3. One-rider Folding Bicycle:                                                                                  10 to 12 months
  4. Multi-rider Bicycle:                                                                                              12 to 14 months
  5. One-rider Tricycle:                                                                                               14 to 16 months
  6. Multi-rider Tricycle:                                                                                             16 to 18 months
  7. One-rider Lawn Mower:                                                                                      19 to 20 months
  8. Multi-rider Lawn Mower:                                                                                    20 to 21 months
  9. Front drive wheelchair:                                                                                       17 to 19 months
  10. Rear drive wheelchair:                                                                                        15 to 17 months
  11. Single/Multi-user Velomobile-bicycle car:                                                       20 to 22 months
  12. Single/Multi-user Velomobile-tricycle car:                                                      22 to 24 months
  13. Mobile/stationary Eco-Vehicle generators, battery charges etc.                 to be determined
  14. Stationary Eco-Vehicle exercise machine, factories, tools etc.                    to be determined
  15. Endless Eco-Vehicle and Machine, such as: single/multi-user land-sea vehicles, single/multi-user land-submarine vehicles, single/multi-user land-air vehicles, single/multi-user land-sea-air vehicles etc. are in process of building prototype stages. Therefore, the manufacturing and estimated delivery time frames are to be determined in nearly future. Please come back to check out our progresses for our Eco-Vehicle and Machine unlimited applications to power the greener future.

In general, the estimated delivery date is based on the seller's manufacturing capacity, production schedule, order backlogs, handling time, the shipping destination, order quantity, and service selected, and when the seller receives 100% cleared payment. In certain cases, the estimated delivery date will vary. By knowing the estimated delivery date, you will have the idea about how long it will take to receive your order(s).

Normally, when you place your order, there is the option of selecting a preferred delivery time frame. The preference is defaulted to the first available time frame and can be moved out up to five (5) months. This flexibility might be helpful if you want to arrange your order (s) delivery before your business trip or after your holidays. If you need to change your preferred delivery time frame after order confirmation and before shipping date, please inform our Delivery Specialist immediately. As we all know; once your order(s) is shipped, we are unable to change it. Therefore, it is very important to let us know your needs or changes as soon as possible to ensure your order(s) is shipped at a convenient time frame for you.

Handling time

We are to estimate how long order(s) will take to package and ship to our buyer(s) or customer(s) and how much the packing and shipping will cost. After receiving 100% cleared payment. We may select a handling time between same business day and 30 business days if applicable.

Shipping services

Some shipping services provide an estimate for the number of weeks or months that it will take the carrier to deliver the order (s) to the buyer. This transit time does not include the seller's handling time. Transit time includes normal weekdays. Often Saturdays, Sundays, and major holidays are not included in transit time estimates.

Cleared payment

A payment is considered "cleared" after your payment has been deposited into the seller's account 100% in full (US dollar). If you pay using PayPal, for the special order (s) the payment may clear quickly. However if you pay by check, money order, certified band draft, or purchase order etc., your payment may take several days or weeks to clear.

The current estimated delivery time frame is the best estimation time frame for your order(s) planned delivery schedule. This estimation time frame depends on a number of factors that might impact timing – including material availability, production schedules, option availability, order quantity, and the logistics of transporting at your geographical area etc.

Special ordering takes longer than buying our standard products off the lot—typically around 8 to 12 weeks more time needed for the majority of Eco-Vehicle and Machine products. Order quantity less than specified will be considered as special quantity order(s) to fit into tight schedule, and the special quantity order(s) will be about 10% - 18% more expensive than minimum quantity order price..

Please note: If you have any questions about our current estimated delivery time frame, you can reach our scheduling team directly using the contact information provided in your confirmation email. One of our Delivery Specialist would happy to help you or email us at