Eco-Vehicle Corporation has accomplished the followings and is still striving for continuous R&D projects. 

  1. USPTO provisional patent application was filed in 2015. The various embodiments were modeled by actual dimension-engineering 3D Solid models that are only one step away to get ready for manufacturing stage .
  2. A PCT patent application was filed and published with 145 Contracting Countries around the world.
  3. Trademark Application was submitted in 2016, NOA was received and SOU was submitted in 2017 .
  4. Prototype was built & please check our photo shop and YouTube video gallery pages for more details. 
  5. Worldwide National stage of patent filings will start. 
  6. China Patents was filed, and Official Notice of Decision of Grant Patent was received from CSIPO
  7. Taiwan Patent was also filed in early 2017.
  8. The Patent listing was published on Danish Patent and Trademark Office’s IP Marketplace website.
  9. Patent portfolio has formulated with more Patent Pending projects ahead.

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