Human Power is the Future because we still remembered the boom of harvesting human energy during later 19th century to early 20th century before the fossil fuels started to glory until now

1. Eco-Vehicle Corporation patent pending rectilinear drive systems’ Mobile applications not only can be applied in front wheel, rear wheel, and any wheel in any wheeled vehicle with any position and any angle, but they also can be easily configured to fit for single or multi-user, to be an independent unit or dependent unit, to be coupled to each other either in parallel or in series to constitute another completely and /or partial completely unit to suit customer's needs. (for more about the Human Powered Vehicle-HPV)

Mobile Applications Included: (Please click PPRODUCTS for more details)

Various unicycle; bicycle and hybrid bicycle; folding bicycle and tandem; recumbent bicycle and tandem; tandem bicycle; tricycle; quadra-cycle; five or six wheeled cycle; lawn mowers; golf cart; wheelchairs (including front or rear wheel drive wheelchair); various Velomobiles-Bicycle Cars/Velocar; Party Bike; Handcycle; Cycle rickshaw or bike taxi; Freight bicycle or tricycle; Trailer bike; Hydrocycle; Human Powered Snowmobiles; Party Bike; Handcycle; Human Powered, Solar-Electric Hybrid Vehicle; and Human Powered workout unicycle, bicycle, and tricycle; watercraft vehicles; amphibious vehicles; amphibious and submarine vehicle; land-air vehicle; and land, sea, and air read more click here


2. Eco-Vehicle Corporation patent pending rectilinear drive systems’ Stationary applications not only can be applied to any energy generating machine but also to any energy harvesting machine, means, mechanism, or apparatus, which involve either rectilinear motion or rotary motion that have been the fundamental mechanism of most machines throughout human history. Essentially, the Eco-Vehicle rectilinear drive system is the most efficient human energy harvesting mechanism that can be attached to any kind of machine, device, tool, or apparatus either to generate power for a multitude of activities (such as charging a battery for laptop or iPhone) or to directly drive a factory, machine, mechanism, device, tool, or apparatus.

Stationary Applications Included: (to read more about alternative energy click here)  or click HUMAN POWERED TOOLS, FARM HORSES, FACTORIES ETC.    

energy or power Generator either by foot or by hand;  Human Powered factory, devices, tools, lathes, saw, grinder, sharper, tool sharpener, fan, mixer, agitator; Human Powered machines for boring, drilling, grinding, chopping, sandblasting, and cutting; Human Powered water pumps and water motor, textile machinery, sewing machines, and wood saws; Human Powered crane, lifting device, and flywheel motor; Human Powered home appliances, kitchen apparatuses, meat grinder and cutter, juice extractor, and food or flour mixer and agitator; and Human Powered-solar-electric hybrid tools, apparatuses, and devices; Human Powered workout unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, quadra-cycle, five or six wheeled cycle, and any hybrid machines, tools, apparatuses, and devices...for human energy harvesting boom during later 19th century to early 20th century, click here.